Clean-Start® Installation Instructions

  1. Clear the area, where the matting is to be fitted – Sweep up any dirt or dust and move any large portable items out of the way.
  2. Clean any grease or fluids from the floor ensuring it is dry before commencing installation
  3. Place the Clean-Start Forklift Mat face down with the rubber backing side up.
  4. Tape along all 4 sides of the tiles as close to the edge as possible.
  5. Inside the rectangle, create an X by placing tape, sticky side down from one corner diagonally to the opposite
  6. Place mat in position, carefully fold one half of the mat back, exposing the tape.
  7. Remove the backing tape and trim back to the folded area. Fold that half back into place and repeat on the other side.
  8. To secure bond between tape and tile, apply pressure by walking around each side of the tile. At this time, installation of the tile is complete. Subsequent tiles may be placed immediately after the installed tile with the edges touching or a small gap left.
  9. Start enjoying your new Clean-Start® matting today!

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