• Excellent anti-fatigue properties where workers stand for long time periods
  • Available in standard, greaseproof, anti-static or welding material
  • Any shape / size possible to suit your requirements
  • Made from fully recyclable material
  • Improves worker productivity, safety and comfort
  • Depth 14.5mm


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Read our Schneider Electric case study – how using Bubble Mat Bespoke can increase your productivity…

Sizes: see below

Product Information
Standard size 0.9m wide bubble mat bespoke Standard size 1.2m wide bubble mat bespoke
0.9m x 1.2m 1.2 x 0.9m
0.9m x 2.3m 1.2 x 1.7m
0.9m x 3.4m 1.2 x 2.5m
0.9m x 4.5m 1.2 x 3.3m
0.9m x 5.6m 1.2 x 4.1m
0.9m x 6.7m 1.2 x 4.9m
0.9m x 7.8m 1.2 x 5.7m
0.9m x 8.9m 1.2 x 6.5m
0.9m x 10.0m 1.2 x 7.3m
0.9m x 11.1m 1.2 x 8.1m
0.9m x 12.2m 1.2 x 8.9m
0.9m x 13.3m 1.2 x 9.7m
0.9m x 14.4m 1.2 x 10.5m
0.9m x 15.5m 1.2 x 11.3m
0.9m x 16.6m 1.2 x 12.1m
0.9m x 17.7m 1.2 x 12.9m
0.9m x 18.8m 1.2 x 13.7m
0.9m x 19.9m 1.2 x 14.5m
0.9m x 21.0m 1.2 x 15.3m
0.9m x 22.1m 1.2 x 16.1m
0.9m x 23.2m 1.2 x 16.9m
0.9m x 24.3m 1.2 x 17.7m
0.9m x 25.4m 1.2 x 18.5m
0.9m x 26.5m 1.2 x 19.3m
0.9m x 27.6m 1.2 x 20.1m
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