How To Insulate Against A Cold Concrete Floor

Insulate Against a Cold Concrete Floor this Winter!

Winter is here and the need to keep your employees warm becomes even more important. We all know that our own productivity falls when we feel cold; more so for those standing on a cold factory floor for the duration of a working shift.

And it isn’t just winter where cold conditions can be an issue. If your staff are standing with their feet on chilly concrete floors as they work, the cold will penetrate up from their feet through to the rest of their body, making them feel colder, less motivated and able to fulfil their potential.

Here at Strata, we have the solution with our premium insulation mats.


Combat the Chill of a Cold Concrete Floor

Our anti-fatigue matting provides an insulating layer between your workers and the cold concrete floor, as well as being anti-fatigue to increase blood flow throughout the body. What may start as a discomfort, could develop into a long-term medical issue, such as arthritis, gout, and various heart conditions.

Depending on your particular needs we recommend either our Work-Deck or our Bubble Mat. Both excel in mitigating fatigue and shielding your employees from cold, draughty floors. They are durable, straightforward to clean, and simple to install, addressing your problem effectively.

Our Insulation Mat Options

The Work-Deck system is an interlocking anti-fatigue matting tile that can be installed beside machines or workstations in minutes. Available in either anti-static or standard material, Work-Deck is ideal for larger areas where your workers need to “Stand Safe” and “Work Comfortably”.

The Bubble Mat suits most industrial settings. Offered in four materials, in standard sizes or tailored dimensions, it ensures there’s an option to meet your exact requirements:

  • Standard – our most sought-after mat, suitable for most dry environments
  • Anti-static – designed to prevent static shocks, available with ESD leads
  • Greaseproof – ideal for areas prone to oil and grease, which can deteriorate standard materials
  • Welding – resistant to hot sparks, grinding, and metal filings, with grease resistance making it perfect for any metalworking context

Don’t get Cold Feet – Get Comfy!

Contact us at Strata to discuss your needs. Our friendly professional team is here to help you to get your workforce to ‘Stand Safe, Work Comfortably’.

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