Tough Route Installation Instructions

  1. Make sure the area you wish to install the Tough Route onto is clean and dry. Ensure there are no paint flakes or other loose materials on the floor. Do not use methylated spirits, petrol, lighter fluid, or similar to clean the surface, as these leave behind a residue, which may prevent the markings sticking to the floor.
  2. The floor surface temperature should be above 10°C before you start fitting.
  3. Strata advises that primer is used with all Tough Route products. Tough Route products can be used without applying primer, but it seals the floor, and helps with the adhesion of the product to the floor, which increases the life time.
  4. Mark out the area where the floor signage or makings are going to go.
  5. Within the marking lines, paint a thin layer of primer to the surface of the floor.
  6. Leave the primer to dry for approximately 1 hour.
  7. Peel back a small section of the release liner, then press the self-adhesive Tough Route item onto the prepared surface. Slowly peel back the liner and apply to the floor, whilst applying the tape or other Tough Route floor marking product. Make sure the tape is applied flat – the tape shouldn’t be taut or too slack.
  8. Once applied, press down the tape using even pressure, to remove any bubbles, and make sure the Tough Route is applied firmly to the floor. The “Pressure application roller” from the Tough Route range is specially designed for this task.
  9. To extend the life of the product, a thin bead of “Tough Route edge fix” can be applied to the edges, to prevent the edges being caught and pulled up.
  10. Once installed, Tough Route can be walked on immediately, but maximum benefits will be achieved after left to dry for 48 hours, then start enjoying your new Tough Route markings!

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