Industrial Anti-Static Mats

Safeguarding Against Electrostatic Discharge

We specialise in pioneering industrial anti-static solutions designed to protect against the hazards of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Our range of industrial anti-static floor mats is engineered to offer the utmost safety and efficiency in a variety of industrial settings, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.

Advanced Protection with Strata’s Anti-Static Mats

At the heart of our product range is the commitment to prevent static shocks effectively. The Strata range of anti-static mats are designed to dissipate electrostatic charges safely away, thereby reducing the risk of damage to sensitive electronic equipment and preventing workplace accidents. Our variety of options ensures that we cover a wide spectrum of properties to suit the needs of different industries, from electronics manufacturing to pharmaceutical labs.

Leading the Way in ESD Flooring

Recognised by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our anti-static matting and ESD flooring solutions are among the most effective methods for controlling electrostatic discharge. Strata’s design-led ESD products are not just functional; they are innovatively created to drain static discharge from items placed upon them. This ensures a safer and more productive work environment, particularly in industries where the control of static electricity is crucial.

Why Choose Strata’s Industrial Anti-Static Mats?

  • Effective Static Dissipation: Our mats are specifically engineered to safely dissipate electrostatic charges, providing a high level of protection in sensitive environments.
  • Versatile Range: With a variety of options available, our mats can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of a wide range of industries.
  • Industry-Approved Solutions: Our products are recognised and recommended by the EPA for their effectiveness in controlling ESD.
  • Design-Led Innovation: At Strata, we focus on creating products that are not only functional but also incorporate the latest in anti-static technology and materials.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

Understanding that different industrial environments have unique challenges, Strata offers a range of anti-static mats that can be customised to meet specific needs. Whether you require floor mats for a clean room, a production line, or a laboratory, our solutions are designed to provide the highest level of safety and efficacy.

Our Commitment to Your Safety and Efficiency

Strata is dedicated to enhancing workplace safety and operational efficiency through our innovative industrial anti-static solutions. Our commitment to quality and innovation means that you can trust our products to offer reliable protection against the risks associated with electrostatic discharge. Choose Strata for your industrial anti-static needs and step into a safer, more controlled working environment.

Explore our range of industrial anti-static mats today and discover how Strata can help safeguard your workspace against the hazards of electrostatic discharge.


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