Anti Slip Floor Safety

Non Slip Flooring Products: Secure Your Workspace

Welcome to Strata, where safety meets innovation. Our Anti-Slip Floor Safety solutions are meticulously designed to mitigate slip risks in industrial and commercial environments, making them safer and more productive. By addressing hazards associated with water, oil, or grease, our non slip mats and other anti slip products not only enhance workplace safety but also boost employee well-being and productivity.

Industrial Anti-Slip Products, including industrial anti slip mats, are engineered to enhance workplace safety. These solutions effectively reduce slip risks in environments exposed to water, oil, or grease, boosting both employee well-being and productivity.

Why Choose Strata’s Anti-Slip Floor Safety?

  • Enhanced Safety: Engineered solutions to significantly reduce slip risks in hazardous conditions.
  • Versatile Applications: A broad range of products suitable for various environments, including indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Dual Benefits: Products with anti-fatigue properties to ensure safety and comfort.
  • Comprehensive Range: From mats to rolls and tapes, discover our extensive selection of anti-slip solutions.
  • Innovation and Quality: Our commitment to innovation ensures that all products are of the highest quality, offering reliable and effective safety solutions.

Comprehensive Anti-Slip Solutions

Our extensive range of industrial anti-slip products is crafted to offer superior protection against slips and falls. From anti slip grip tape and non-slip mats to rubber grip tape and rubber mat rolls, we have engineered our products to ensure that your floors remain safe and secure under any conditions. Whether you need coverage for small areas or entire floors, our solutions are designed to provide the highest level of safety without compromising on durability or effectiveness.

Tailored for Various Applications

Strata’s anti-slip flooring solutions cater to a wide array of applications, ensuring versatility across different settings. Our commercial safety flooring extends to non-slip outdoor solutions, including robust rubber outdoor mats that guarantee safety in outdoor spaces. This diversity in our product range allows you to select the perfect non-slip options tailored to specific needs, whether for industrial workshops, commercial kitchens, or outdoor areas prone to slippery conditions.

Innovations in Safety and Comfort

Most, if not all, of our anti-slip products boast anti-fatigue properties, offering a dual advantage that enhances safety while reducing strain for individuals who stand for extended periods. This unique feature underscores our commitment to delivering products that not only safeguard against physical hazards but also promote overall well-being and comfort in the workplace.

Explore Our Full Range

Our dedication to anti-slip safety doesn’t end with mats and tapes. The majority of our products across all categories are designed with anti-slip properties, reinforcing our mission to create safer environments in every aspect. By exploring our full range, you’ll discover solutions that extend beyond traditional safety measures, embodying our holistic approach to workplace safety and efficiency.

At Strata, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a safe working environment. Our Anti-Slip Floor Safety solutions are designed to address the challenges of keeping workplaces secure, proving that safety and productivity can go hand in hand. Explore our range today and take the first step towards a safer, more efficient workspace.


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