Pilkington Automotive Case Study

Reduced absenteeism by 1%? Read on to find out how this can be made possible…


Pilkington Automotive supply glass for many of today’s vehicles. Working to the exacting standards and lead times of the automotive industry, Pilkington relies on a motivated workforce to achieve their goals.

The Issues

The main issues Pilkington Automotive wished to address were
• Employees were complaining of aching feet and legs.
• Managers and team leaders were concerned that there was no designation between production areas and forklift and pedestrian areas.
• Existing mats and flooring were old and unfit for purpose.

Why Strata?

Pilkington chose Work Deck from Strata as their matting solution because
• The interlocking tiles were simple to install. It did not require specialist installation, enabling Pilkington Automotive to update the shop floor quickly and cost effectively
• The coloured bevelled edges designated working areas from walkways and forklift truck operating areas,
• The anti-fatigue properties of Work Deck would address employee complaints throughout multiple applications of their site and processes.

In addition, Pilkington told us that “the product knowledge displayed by Strata convinced us they understood our requirements and helped us to select the best matting solution for our business.”


Pilkington Automotive purchased Work Deck matting tiles and yellow bevel edges from Strata and installed it themselves.

Three months on, how does Pilkington Automotive feel about Work Deck from Strata?

• The Anti-fatigue matting has contributed to 1% (to date) reduction in absenteeism
• Operator complaints of aching legs and feet have reduced
• Operator feedback shows an increase in morale
• The matting shows a very clear distinction between pedestrian and forklift truck areas

“We are very pleased with Strata and the Work Deck anti-fatigue matting. It has delivered what we needed and the increase in operator morale is a welcome additional benefit.”


If your workspace and your workforce are tired, contact Strata. Our anti-fatigue matting improves the look but most importantly, the function of your shop-floor.

Calculate the saving your firm could make if you decreased absenteeism by 1% – Not a big figure in itself, but multiplied across a whole site, your savings could be huge!


Here are some images of the interlocking floor tiles supplied from Strata and installed by Pilkington Automotive:

interlocking floor tiles PA PA1 PA2 anti fatigue mats pa


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