How to prevent slippery stairs – and reduce the liability

Are there stairs or steps in your workplace?

Are they as safe as they can be?

We all rush up and down stairs many times a day, without thinking of the consequences of a slip or trip. Slipping on stairs is more likely to result in injury requiring time off and medical intervention than tripping or stumbling on the flat where we can usually recover our step without falling.

The Health and Safety Executive reports that there are approximately 1000 major, (life changing or fatal), accidents on stairs in UK workplaces per year and over 100,000 across all sectors including domestic and leisure. A huge financial and human cost, that can be reduced by reviewing stair safety.

Two aspects the HSE highlights to improve stair safety are –
• The visibility, stability and quality of the front edge of the stair, known as the stair nosing.
• The tread; the part you stand on.

Strata has the solution to these issues. Our Grip Deck Landing Covers fit any stair in any situation, both indoors and out. The product is supplied to your exact specifications to cover the whole of your stair tread – simply state your step dimensions and Strata can take it from there. Grip Deck Landing Covers have safety built in with a yellow nosing edge, giving an indicator of each step edge and a roughened tough tread surface.

Manufactured in the UK from a GRP substrate base with high grade Isophthalic polyester resins and aluminium oxide grit for extra grip – Grip Deck is sure to keep your team safe for the years to come. Installation to wood, tiled floors, metal or concrete is simple with fixings or durable adhesive supplied for your specific surface.

Wherever your employees need to move from one floor to another, step up to operate machinery or step over hazards, Grip Deck Landing Covers are the cost effective and safe way to negotiate a change in floor level.

To find out more about Strata Safety Flooring ranges, including Grip Deck Landing Covers, contact our friendly team on 01926 338547 or email us on

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