How to keep moisture and dirt out of your office areas

Is your shop-floor getting trodden into your carpets?

Many businesses tell us that they want to break down barriers between shop floor and office employees. One surprising issue preventing closer cooperation is the fear of grime and grease from the shop floor being trodden into the offices. It only takes one pair of grimy boots and the office carpets can be ruined. Traditional coir doormats give the wrong message, implying the shop floor is outside or external, rather than a seamless part of the whole operation.

At Strata we understand this problem and we have our solution; Premier Mats. These mats can be laid over carpets on high traffic corridors, as well as at external and internal entrances. Premier Mats are only 3mm thick, so once in place they are hardly noticed, and they can be fitted under doors for a continuous run where needed. The unique mix of fabric that creates the mat is designed to trap moisture, dirt and grease and the rubber backing makes the mat anti-slip. Premier Mats come in standard sizes and colours. We also supply bespoke Premier Mats enabling your mat fit your space exactly and with the option to include your company logo; ideal for entrances and reception areas.

Premier Mats are hard wearing and can be easily cleaned with detergent or laundering. Increasingly our customers are taking a different view. They replace their Premier Mats every 12-18 months, treating their mats as consumables, to ensure shop floor grime always remains on the shop floor. Since adopting this policy, customers tell us they have not had to refurbish their office flooring, saving cost and disruption. Other benefits have included greater pride in the office space and more interaction between office and shop-floor staff.

If you are worried your shop floor is being trodden into your offices, contact us at Strata. Our friendly, professional team are here to advise and recommend the best matting solutions for your specific needs.

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