Endura Installation Instructions

  1. Clear the area, where the matting is to be fitted – Sweep up any dirt or dust and move any large portable items out of the way – e.g. portable heaters, bins, etc…
  2. Lay down the first Endura tile where you are wanting the matting to start.
  3. Clip together the Endura sections, using a rubber mallet to connect the interlocking edge together.
  4. Once the matting area has been installed, insert the male teeth onto the straight edges, so that each outside tile edge has four teeth protruding.
  5. Slide the bevel edges onto the outside of the matting area – connecting 0.65m bevels to the corner sections and 0.5m lengths to the other tile edges
  6. If trimming is needed to fit the area, use a sharp knife and straight edge to trim the tile to suit.
  7. Start enjoying your new Endura today!

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