Count down to summer! Preventative maintenance in factory shutdown

The summer holiday season is fast approaching and as your staff plan their holidays, many factory maintenance teams are in the final stages of planning the shut-down schedule.
During the ‘factory fortnight’ it is an ideal time to re-lay-out areas, move and maintain machinery as well as tweaking the ergonomics of individual workspaces.

In all the planning and preparation, it is vital not to overlook one of the main contributors to staff safety, productivity and comfort; the factory floor itself.

What your staff stand on to work has a major impact on their health and morale. Strata anti-fatigue matting enables your teams to ‘Stand Safe and Work Comfortably’ – all day every day. Our ranges of anti-fatigue matting suit varying factory environments. The interlocking range of Dura-Link Multi can be reconfigured to fit with any changes in shop floor layout, whereas our Bubble mat ranges come in standard or bespoke sizes and a range of materials to fit your needs, such as greaseproof, anti-static or welding.

As well as maintenance, machine moves and workstation layouts in a factory fortnight it is the ideal time to review, replace and upgrade shop-floor signage with our range of tapes and shapes to mark out work areas and delineate pedestrian and vehicle routes through the shop floor. Our range of Tough Route floor markings are suitable for heavy forklift use, making them easy to install but stubborn to remove when in use.

With many of our ranges available from stock or short lead time, we can supply to meet your flooring and signage needs, helping you to achieve the deadlines of your ‘factory fortnight’ maintenance plans. Contact us at Strata on 01926 338547 to discuss your requirements or email

Make sure your working environment includes Strata anti-fatigue matting to keep your workforce refreshed and revitalised long after they return to work.

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