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We want to help you understand what you are buying when you choose anti-fatigue flooring – such as Endura.

Here at Strata we believe knowledge is power and in this article we answer the questions we are most frequently asked….

What makes a flooring or matting ‘Anti-fatigue’?
Standing all day to work, causes fatigue, particularly from the hips downwards, becoming more intense in the ankles and feet. It can range from dull aches in muscles to shooting pains through the centre of bones. A good night’s sleep is often not enough to clear the symptoms, making fatigue accumulate across a working week.

Fatigue is caused from standing on flooring that is inappropriate. We need to stand on a surface that is firm but not rock solid, that will provide a bounce or spring as we move or shift position.
An Anti-fatigue flooring will have cushioning, making the flooring feel softer underfoot. In the same way we use bubble wrap to protect fragile objects from bangs and bashes; anti-fatigue matting uses air pockets to cushion and protect human feet.

If an Anti-fatigue mat is all about softness and cushioning how can it be hard wearing and suitable for forklifts and heavy traffic?
The challenge of workplace matting – how to combine the springiness that delivers anti-fatigue properties with the solidity needed to be hard-wearing in the workplace where there is medium to high traffic. Endura is designed as 2 in 1. Endura comprises a firm interlocking cross-hatch design that gives rigidity with air pockets in-between. The air pockets are slightly domed, so when walking on Endura a person is aware of the bounce from the domed part of the surface. When a wheeled vehicle drives or is pushed across Endura, the wheels press through the domes and onto the solid cross hatch for stability and reduced friction. The two options Endura Flex for standing workers and Endura Firm for access routes enables you to bring raw materials and collect finished goods right from your work area.

How do the bevel edges work? Do they clip into the matting also?
We were determined to create a solution that was as hardwearing and adaptable as the rest of the mat, and we believe we have the answer.

The bevel is an integrated part of the mat solution, using the same interlock throughout and with additional integrated invisible pegs for an even firmer seam, to join bevels end on end. As the bevel is sold separately to the Endura mat tiles, as you reuse and reconfigure your layout you can add more or remove bevels as needed.

We want Anti-fatigue mats, but is our working environment suitable?
The standard Endura range, Endura Flex for workspaces and Endura Firm for access routes, warehouses etc. can be used in most industrial environments. We also offer bespoke Endura ranges that are suitable for Anti-static environments and a Welding version that is heat and spark resistant. If your environment requires particular properties in your matting, please call us to discuss your requirements. To date we have been able to supply anti-fatigue matting for every environment we have been asked.

How can we use our matting to define layout?
Endura matting tiles come in grey or black as standard with black or yellow bevels. In our bespoke range we have a much wider selection of colours available, enabling you to make your shop floor rainbow bright should you so wish.

We want to demonstrate our environmental credentials, can Endura help?
Yes, Endura is the first fully recycle-able anti-fatigue matting. The hard-wearing properties of Endura means you are replacing your matting less frequently, which has knock on environmental benefit too.

Strata Sales is committed to reducing fatigue in the workplace through the supply of our ranges of Anti-fatigue matting. Call us today on 01926 338547 or have a live chat to discuss your requirements.

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