Navigating the Challenges of Static Electricity with Strata’s
Anti Static Matting and ESD Mats

Anti static matting such as electrical safety mats, ESD mats and other anti static mats are becoming much more of a necessity due to today’s technologically advanced landscape. The current existence of electronic components in our daily lives has widened the significance of managing electrostatic discharge (ESD). From the chair you sit on to the floors you traverse, everyday materials can harbour the potential to unleash static shocks. While often too minor to notice, these shocks pose a growing threat to the integrity of electronic devices, particularly as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes increasingly prevalent in manufacturing processes.

Resolving Electronic Integration Issues with ESD Mats and Anti-Static Matting Solutions

The integration of sensitive electronics into a wide array of products underscores the necessity for stringent ESD management to safeguard manufacturing reliability. Strata steps into this critical space with a comprehensive solution designed to mitigate ESD risks while simultaneously enhancing worker comfort and productivity. Our selection of ESD matting comes with the unmatched benefit of anti-fatigue properties which includes options specifically engineered with anti-static properties, embodying the dual benefits of ergonomic support and ESD prevention.

Our flagship offering, the Bubble Mat range, epitomises the fusion of functionality and protection required in assembly areas:

  • Ergonomic Support: The anti-fatigue design of the Bubble Mat ensures that workers remain alert and energised, reducing the physical strain associated with prolonged standing.
  • Component Protection: Incorporating anti-static properties, these mats safeguard sensitive electronic components from the detrimental effects of static electricity.
  • Practical Design: A solid surface design prevents small items from becoming lost, while bevelled edges enhance safety, making the Bubble Mat as practical as it is protective.

Bespoke Solutions

Customisation is at the heart of the Bubble Mat’s design, available in both standard and bespoke sizes to fit the unique dimensions of any workspace. Its adaptability is a testament to Strata’s commitment to providing solutions that meet the dynamic needs of modern industries.

Feedback from our clients consistently highlights the unparalleled acceptance of the Bubble Mat among their workforce, often becoming the preferred flooring option once introduced. An anti static mat or ESD bench mat from Strata is much more than a mat. The whole design and manufacturing process incorporates a holistic approach that makes our products unique, find out more here.

Work Deck AntiStatic
Work Deck
Endura Flex 1 jpg
Endura® Flex
Endura Firm 1
Endura® Firm

For environments requiring comprehensive floor coverage with anti static flooring, Strata offers the Work Deck and Endura® ranges, the Endura® Flex and Endura® Firm. These solutions extend the benefits of anti-fatigue and anti-static properties to larger areas, making them ideal for walkways and zones experiencing high foot traffic.

Electrical Safety Mats

We also offer other practical cost-effective electrical mats suited to the electrical industry.

Our Fine Rib Electrical Mat comes as a matting roll and offers great value with its ability to be placed and run along workstations or workbenches without any installation required. The electrical matting comes in two thicknesses and its properties include

  • Provides for worker safety against electrical shocks
  • Fine Rib surface for slip resistance
  • Easy to clean
  • 6mm thick – tested to 11,000 volts – max working – 450 volts
  • 9.5mm thick conforms to BS921/1976. Tested to 15,000 volts – max working – 650 volts

Our Responsibility for your Well-being

Strata’s dedication to combating the risks associated with static electricity and enhancing workplace ergonomics is evident in our tailored approach. By offering a range of mats and accessories designed to address specific ESD challenges, we provide a simple yet effective strategy to protect sensitive electronics and improve worker well-being.

Experience the Strata difference and discover why our anti-fatigue matting solutions are celebrated across industries. For a closer look at how our products can transform your workspace, we invite you to request a free sample pack. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is on hand to assist you with any enquiries, ensuring you find the perfect solution to meet your needs. Reach out to us today and take a proactive step towards safeguarding your operations and enhancing productivity with Strata’s anti-static and ESD mats.

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