Anti Fatigue Drainage Matting for Wet Areas

Strata’s Solution to Wet Area Challenges: The Dura-link Multi Mat

Navigating the challenges of wet working environments is a complex task, requiring not only adherence to safety standards but also ensuring comfort and efficiency for the workforce. Strata, a leading UK supplier, addresses these needs with its specialised anti-fatigue rubber matting, specifically designed for wet areas. This blog explores the benefits and features of Strata’s anti fatigue Dura-link Multi mat, a heavy duty drainage mat for wet areas, and its impact on enhancing workplace safety and productivity.

The Hazard of Wet Environments and the Need for Specialised Matting

Wet Area Floor Mat

Wet working environments are fraught with hazards, primarily due to spillages of fluids like water, oils, or grease. These substances can create slip hazards, posing significant risks to worker safety. Furthermore, certain fluids can deteriorate standard flooring materials, necessitating the need for specialised industrial matting solutions.

  1. Slip Hazard Prevention: Strata’s wet area matting is designed to allow fluids to drain off, maintaining a dry mat surface and significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls.
  2. Resistance to Degradation: The Dura-link Multi mat is engineered to resist deterioration from oils and grease, ensuring durability and longevity in challenging conditions.

Strata’s Dura-link Multi Mat: A Closer Look

The Dura-link Multi mat, a flagship product in Strata’s range, exemplifies the ideal solution for wet environments. Perfect in its application as a workshop mat, its design and construction cater to the unique requirements of these areas.

  1. Innovative Drainage Design: The mat’s design facilitates efficient drainage of fluids, ensuring the surface remains dry and safe for workers.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: As an anti-fatigue mat, it provides crucial comfort to workers who spend long hours on their feet, reducing strain and increasing productivity.
  3. Durability and Maintenance: Made to withstand the harsh conditions of wet areas, the Dura-link Multi mat promises not only durability but also ease of maintenance, a vital feature in fast-paced work environments.
Dura Link Multi1

Personalised Consultation with Strata

Recognising the diversity of wet area environments across different industries, Strata offers bespoke consultation services. Clients are encouraged to discuss their specific requirements with Strata’s expert sales team, ensuring they receive tailored solutions that best fit their needs.

Impact on Worker Health and Safety

The introduction of the right matting in wet areas is crucial for both health and safety. The ergonomic benefits of anti-fatigue mats, combined with their slip-resistant properties, contribute significantly to a safer and more comfortable workplace.

  1. Reduced Workplace Injuries: By mitigating slip hazards, these mats play a vital role in reducing workplace injuries, a common concern in wet environments.
  2. Long-Term Health Benefits: The anti-fatigue properties of the mats help in preventing long-term health issues associated with standing for extended periods, such as joint pain and circulatory problems.

Success Stories and Client Feedback

Strata’s Dura-link Multi mat has been successfully implemented in various wet area environments across the UK. Client testimonials highlight the mat’s effectiveness in enhancing safety and comfort, reinforcing its value in these challenging workplaces.


Strata’s Dura-link Multi mat stands as an essential component for any wet working environment, offering a blend of safety, comfort, and durability. Its specialised design addresses the unique challenges of these areas, making it a pivotal investment for businesses prioritising worker welfare and operational efficiency.

To transform your wet area workspace into a safer and more comfortable environment, explore how the Dura-link Multi mat can make a significant difference in your workplace.

How Strata Can Help

Does your working environment need protection from spilt fluids?

Fluids can make the floor a slip hazard, so using wet area matting means fluids are not exposed to the worker, as they can drain off leaving the mat surface dry.

Oils and grease will degenerate some flooring products, so selection of the right matting allows comfort for workers without product deterioration.

Our Dura-link Multi mat is ideal for wet areas.

At STRATA Sales, we supply anti fatigue rubber matting for wet area working environments to clients all over the UK. Speak to our Sales team to discuss your needs today on 01926 338547, or fill out our enquiry form.

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